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Size chart

Size Foot Insole
18/19 12 cm 12,5 cm
20/21 13 cm 13,5 cm
22/23 14 cm 14,5 cm
24/25 15 cm 15,5 cm
25/26 16 cm 16,5 cm
The size below and bigger (to 35) available on request.
26/27 17 cm 17,5 cm
28/29 18 cm 18,5 cm
30/31 19 cm 19,5 cm

How to chose a perfect size?

That's simple. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.



Put your bare foot on the piece of paper and mark two extreme points: a heel and a toe.



Measure the distance from the heel to the toe. Remember not to measure diagonally.



Compare the measured length with the table above where the maximum length for a given size has been given. The insole should be ca. 0,5 - 1 cm longer than the measured length.